Transaction Services

We support and advise both private equity and corporate clients in multiple industries and regions. We combine our hands-on consulting style with dedicated industry knowledge and functional expertise to guide our clients through the entire investment cycle. This ranges from supporting the deal flow, conducting commercial due diligences to improving performance and supporting the exit of portfolio companies.

In general we work with experienced senior consultant teams. They are supported by our extensive network of industry and subject matter experts with profound practical experience in the respective issues.

Our services comprise:

  • Transaction support in deal flow and preselection of investment targets
  • Commercial due diligences including red flag due diligences (buy-side)
  • Vendor due diligences, exit due diligences & divestures (sell-side)
  • 100-day planning and post-transaction support
  • Performance improvement of portfolio companies
  • Valuation services and financial modeling
  • Mergers & acquisitions (incl. post-merger integration and divestures)


Fulfilling our clients’ expectations of transaction services originates from an appropriate team and resource set-up. Having this in mind we follow our proven entrepreneurial model:

  • Our engagements are actively led by our shareholding partners, from beginning to end
  • Our approach is based on the business sense and judgment of a senior engagement team
  • We combine top management consulting know-how with industry line management experience
  • We leverage our vast network of industry and subject matter experts


While financial engineering was a dominant success factor in the past, today’s investments are increasingly taking value creation via performance improvement of profitability levers and bottom line efficiency into account. Hence, support in assessing and exploiting value creation and bottom line levers for potential investment targets and investment already under management is key.

We focus our work on fulfilling these requirements by following these key work principles:

  • Thorough comprehension of business model and dynamics with regard to the competitive and market environment based on sound business sense and industry insights
  • Integrating both top and bottom line views
  • Exploitation of operational performance levers and value generation opportunities
  • In depth risk analysis, stress testing and financial modelling (especially in due diligence phase)