Strategy & Organisation

Advising our clients in strategy & organisational issues is part of our core business. Our strategic advice is founded on the thorough analysis of a client's situation, relative resource position and strategic options. We support strategy work along with the quantification of strategic options, business modelling and definition of scenarios and results-oriented initiatives. We believe that creating management buy-in is key for the successful implementation of strategic and organisational recommendations.

Delivering on our promise from concept to execution, Bluemont supports its clients in the realisation of their strategies until clear results are achieved on the top and bottom line.

Creating strategic advantages for our clients means that we deploy a contemporary and comprehensive mix of methodologies.

  • Market analysis and dynamics: consumer insights, market potential, competitor benchmarking, technology roadmap, regulatory trends
  • Corporate and business unit strategy, portfolio strategy
  • Business model and planning incl. feasibility studies, scenario planning and war-gaming
  • Technology and innovation management
  • Functional strategies: supply chain, manufacturing, sales, marketing, aftersales
  • Value chain & make or buy strategy
  • Strategic alliances and collaboration strategy
  • Organisational design and development incl. resource configuration and capabilities
  • Organisational governance and KPI management
  • Digital organisation and transformation