Bluemont Experts: How does it work?

To benefit from our experts, we have installed a proven 6-step process.


Step 1: Definition of client's requirements

You are searching for an expert or professional to support you in e.g. a project. First of all, we jointly define your requirements for your task. Even at this step we already support you with our previous experience. As we actively work in your industry, we know our clients' problems, challenges and issues. This helps us to understand your real needs regarding the qualifications, experience and skills our expert should have. We structure the requirements and input all relevant data into our expert database.


Step 2: Search of experts

In the second step we match your request with our internal and pre-qualified profiles in our database. If needed, we additionally search for experts in the market. Subsequently, we approach experts and conduct first interviews with potential candidates. Additionally we check the experts' references for specific projects.


Step 3: Quality assurance by our subject matter experts

In the third step, our subject matter experts check the profiles of the candidates based on their in depth knowledge in the respective subject area. They interview the most fitting candidates. They finally revalidate whether the expert's competencies match your requirements. As these interviews are not conducted by human resources departments, but by subject matter experts, we guarantee the suitability of the candidates' ‘qualification profile’.


Step 4: Selection of candidates for a personal interview

In step four, profiles of the selected candidates are sent to you. The profiles will be delivered by the delivery due date. We usually deliver on very short notice. If needed, profiles can be delivered within 48 hours after we have received the requirements from you. You are free to select the candidates you would like to interview. We will of course support your selection process with our advice.


Step 5: Presentation of candidates

In step five, you will have the opportunity to conduct a personal conversation with the selected candidates. In this conversation you have the opportunity to check the competencies of the candidate yourself, brief the candidate on the task and check whether there is a good cultural fit between you, your key personnel and the candidate. Following the interviews, we will ask you for feedback. In order to guarantee availability of the candidate, we kindly ask you for a prompt response.


Step 6: Project execution and feedback

During the entire duration of the project we will appoint a capable project coordinator, who will stay in touch with you. Thanks to our quality management system we guarantee the highest quality of executed work. In case you are not satisfied with one of our experts, we will provide you with an alternative candidate. During the whole process and at the end of our expert´s work we kindly ask you for feedback in order to continuously track quality, improve our work and also to coach our experts. Your feedback will be added to the expert`s profile in our database.


If you would like to know more about Bluemont Expert Services, please contact us.