Manufacturing Industries

Our partners and consultants have extensive experience in the diverse manufacturing industries sector. We serve large industry leaders as well as medium-sized and small companies across a wide range of sub-segments.

Key manufacturing industries sub-segments we focus on are:

  • Process industries (Chemicals, Oil & Gas, Steel & Metals)
  • Industrial and engineered products
  • Building & construction industries
  • Mechanical engineering & project industries
  • Industrial services

Our team has an in depth understanding of the different market dynamics and business models in their respective manufacturing industries segments. We support our clients in creating value, improving performance and setting the right strategic directions.

We also advise investors and private equity companies throughout the whole investment cycle from early stage assessment, commercial due diligence to post-transaction support (such as 100 days planning or PMI).

Our offering in the manufacturing industry segment comprises:

For further information on the experience of our partners and consultants, see selected project examples.