Bluemont Consulting helps owners, financial institutions and investors to effectively manage corporate crises. Our business unit ‘restructuring’ supports companies in all stages of a corporate crisis - from strategic crisis to bankruptcy. We work in close collaboration with shareholders, investors, management, employees and other key stakeholders without any preconceptions. Despite the maxim to ensure solvency and financial viability in a corporate crisis our restructuring concepts always focusses on strategic realignment in order to achieve sustainable long-term success.

In addition to providing restructuring reports in accordance with IDW S6, Bluemont offers its clients the entire execution of the restructuring program. In this case, we can either act as a sparring partner for the implementation or take the project lead with a dedicated team of consultants. Furthermore, with our business unit ‘Bluemont Experts’ we are often asked to provide clients with CROs and further operative resources.


Our service offering in detail:

  • Quick check and diagnosis: Profitability and cash situation, resource analysis, causes and stage of crisis, restructuring measures
  • Restructuring report IDW S6: Assessment and avoidance of insolvency risk, evaluation of recovery ability and sustainable profitability and competitiveness
  • Integrated business and financial planning: Strategy and business model development, integrated financial planning (income, cash flow and financial statement, investment planning, business scenarios, etc.)
  • Restructuring program and roadmap: Develop measures to ensure liquidity, refinancing, cost cutting, structural improvements and growth initiatives. Setting timeline and milestones.
  • Cash management: Ensure liquidity with quick cash program. Negotiations with stakeholders (financial institutions, creditors, etc.). Management of accounts payable and receivable. Management of inventory days and capital tied-up. Sell of non-operating assets and refinancing.
  • Cost and performance improvement: Identification of cost cutting and efficiency levers for processes and structure. Cost cutting measures for personnel and material expenses. Optimisation of other cost items. Complexity reduction (product and customer complexity). Optimisation of pricing and terms & conditions system.
  • Growth program: Sales push program, measures for long-term profitable growth (products/services, customers, regions/markets), M&A
  • Interim management (CRO): Provision of CROs and employees for operational restructuring activities and project controlling